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Would you take skydiving lessons from and then jump from an airplane with someone who has never skydived before? Of course not, and on the same note when you engage with someone to help with your accounting/finance career advancement search or hiring needs, you should always work with an organization whose entire team has direct accounting/finance experiences.

We are a team of accounting/finance professionals who have a passion for helping others in our profession achieve their career aspirations. This is a key differentiator that sets us apart from any other organization in our industry. Everyone on our team not only earned a Bachelor’s degree with an Accounting/Finance major, but also possesses direct experiences in the accounting/finance profession that we now utilize to help others.

Our team is and always will be accounting/finance professionals who now utilize our experiences to help others in our profession.

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I think there are certain people you need to have in your court as you navigate the challenge and complexity of building a successful career.  Above all, these people need to be trustworthy and authentic in order to help you discover the right interplay between what’s best for you personally and for your organization at large.  Over the past five years, Ryan has been all that and more.  Whether it was general career advice, helping me lock down that new opportunity or building my team with talented people, Ryan has always been one of my most trusted advisors.  He’s motivated by helping people and making a difference in their lives – a truly rare combination of professional experience and high-caliber character.

Global Corporate Controller – High Tech Manufacturing & Engineering Publicly Traded Company

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Our success is measured by the success of our clients that range from Fortune 500 to start-up companies and all small to mid-sized companies in between. This is accomplished through our relentless pursuit to establish, build, and maintain professional relationships with top-talent to join your team when the need arises to add new talent to your team that aligns with being the right opportunity for the right professional.

We have developed an efficient and effective process to evaluate candidates that are ready to advance their career for the right opportunity. Unlike others organizations in our industry, our entire team are accounting/finance professionals who now utilizes our direct accounting/finance experiences and expertise to help others in our profession. This ensures the utmost level of professionalism, an effective interview process before presenting any candidates to you, and assurance that your needs are our priority.

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Our Focus is Your Success! We are not a staffing agency as you may be used to seeing in our staffing industry where someone with a marketing degree and no accounting/finance knowledge is trying to sell a job opportunity to you. We are a professional services firm serving as your strategic partner and advisor providing expert career mentorship to help you achieve your professional goals. Our entire team are accounting/finance professionals who now utilizes our direct experiences to help others in our profession. This ensures the utmost level of professionalism and guarantee that your best interest is our focus, not meeting a quota or metric of a staffing agency.

Our process is simple where we listen to you then help develop Achievable Realistic Goals to ensure that your next career advancement opportunity is the right step towards achieving your long-term career goals. Our ultimate goal is to identify, assess, and find that right next career advancement opportunity for you.

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Ryan took the time to listen and get to know me before identifying potential opportunities that would be the right fit. He focused on finding me the right career as opposed to the right job. This set me up for continued success and I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help. As a hiring manager, I have learned that the same personal approach is taken with potential employers. Ryan’s background in Finance allows him to readily identify the skills and qualities that I am looking for in potential candidates. I have full confidence that the candidates who come to me from Apogee will not only be a great fit for my company, but that my company will be a great fit for them. 

Group Controller – Global Publicly Traded Company

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